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  • Zensa Healing Cream

    Clinically proven to reduce itching, minimize scarring, treat skin conditions and promote easy recovery post-procedure. What’s Included Vegan, steroid- and cruelty-free relief for skin conditions like eczema Formulated with medicinal-grade and all natural ingredients. Calendula and grapefruit oil are proven to reduce irritation and speed up healing Shea butter and cucumber extract soothe and hydrate the skin Includes sunflower seed…

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  • Zensa Numbing Cream

    Formulated for painful procedures like waxing, microblading, injections, tattooing and more. What’s Included Maximum strength 5% lidocaine Lasts 2-3 hours and is safe to reapply on broken skin to extend numbing sensation Natural pH formulation is safe to use on the most sensitive areas like the bikini area and lips Does not contain vasoconstrictors that will affect the settling of…

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