Skintrist 5+ Protein Facial Cleanser


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An effective soothing facial cleanser with 5+ bio-proteins and antioxidants to help lift away excess oil, prevent buildup in pores and support the skin’s pH balance, without stripping essential natural oils.

The specially formulated key ingredients work to build your skins barrier, nourish and strengthen it with each use.

5+ Protein Facial Cleanser will create the perfect base for your follow up skin care products of choice to penetrate deeper, once neutralizing your skin with anti-inflammatory properties and a thorough cleanse.

Gentle enough for double cleansing, post-procedure and sensitive skin. Excellent for all skin types, and all ages.


Kale – Due to Kale’s high Vitamin A content, it works to fight off skin diseases relating to eczema, acne, and dermatitis. Kale is filled with antioxidants that fight free radicals related to collagen breakdown and wrinkles. Our Kale protein helps reduce skin inflammation and promotes a strong skin barrier

Aloe Vera – Hydrates, soothes, treats. Filled with B12

Lemon Amino Acids– Amino acids are organic compounds that form protein. They help damaged skin back to a rejuvenated state and visibly reduce redness

Green Tea– Antioxidant known for improving complexion and color of skin. Reduces excess sebum production leading to acne and oily skin surfaces

Cucumber Extract – Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties are perfect for hydrating and soothing.

Carrot Protein – reduces fine lines, helps heal wounds and protects from sun damage.

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